So You Want to Grow an RV Garden

October 25, 2021

Who says gardening has to stop during the cold-weather months? Keep your green thumb happy by planting a small garden inside your RV.

But before you turn your American Coach into a rolling greenhouse, we put together this list of tips to help you achieve the most successful indoor RV garden possible!

Space limitations
This is the first thing to think through: Where specifically will your garden grow? Space is limited, but limitations are an opportunity for some creative thinking. Unused corners of your kitchen counter are a great option, as is some sort of hanging contraption around your skylight. Our favorite space-saving solution involves repurposing a shoe-organizer into a hanging garden on the back of your door. (Gardening Know How has a great article explaining this one.)

Weight and stability
As you plan your garden, keep in mind that the plants, vessels, soil, and water all add up, and that extra weight should be taken into account when packing for an adventure. Likewise, make sure whatever you use is fastened securely so it doesn’t fall down and dump out in transit. Mess aside, there’s nothing sadder than a garden destroyed!

Start small, but dream big
As first steps go, there are plenty of low-impact ways to start gardening inside your RV. Grab one or two flower pots and plant herbs or low-light produce (though you may need to take the latter outside for some extra sun when you stop in your travels). You can even consider setting up a station in your kitchen for some mason jar gardening!

What can you grow?
It’s worth doing a Google search of your own, but there are plenty of herbs and produce that can grow indoors and require minimal work on your part: everything from mint, basil, and oregano to lettuce, green beans, and tomatoes. No matter what you choose to plant, make sure you read up on how these plants grow and what they’ll need to thrive inside your RV.

Know the rules!
Traveling our great country in an RV comes with some added responsibilities. And when you’re traveling in an RV with a garden, you’ll need to add a new responsibility to that list: Making sure that it’s okay to cross state lines with the plants you’re growing. Before you travel, visit the websites for each state—specifically the Department of Natural Resources and/or Agriculture. Better safe than sorry!

Are you an avid RV gardener? What tips would you share with the American Coach community? Send us an email and let us know!

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